Who is at fault in case of a high power electrical accident in Annapolis?

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high power electrical accident Annapolis

Accidents involving electrical current happen frequently in Annapolis and around the country. This type of unfortunate event can bring pain and suffering not only to the victim but also to their loved ones. In addition to this, the costs of treating an electrical injury may not accessible for everyone without the help of an electrical injury lawyer from Annapolis. With the help of your attorney, you can sue the entity responsible for the Maryland electrocution accident.

According to the ESFI – Electrical Safety Foundation International, electrical-related injuries and fatalities have been on the decrease since 1994. However, one the most dangerous sources of electrocution are the high power lines. High power electrical accidents in Annapolis can happen at work for those working in the construction industry, or in the areas where power lines can be damaged. If you suffered an electrocution, your electric shock attorney from Maryland can help you determine who is liable for it and help you file a claim against them.

High Power Electric Hazards in the Workplace

You don’t need to worry every time you see a high power electrical source because most of the time the safety regulations are respected and all the systems help prevent injuries. However, even when all the safety regulations are followed, some people still get injured. People who work in the construction industry are more likely to suffer an on-the-job electrical injury. For example, if a crane operator touches a high-voltage power wire by accident, the electrical current might shock and injure the operator. Overhead power lines are the cause of more fatal injuries than all other accident sources of electricity.

In this case, it may depend on who is the person or entity responsible for the accident. In some cases, the municipality may be liable for the accident if they didn’t interrupt the current when they had to. The construction company can also be responsible for a high power electrical accident in Annapolis. There are many factors that can influence an electrocution case. That is why you should contact your electrocution attorney from Maryland and discuss details of your case. Together with a specialist, you can determine who will have to pay you compensation.

Broken high-voltage power wires on the road

Lots of people get injured by high power electrical current even though they do not work in the construction industry. For example, due to unfavorable weather conditions, high power electrical lines might break and they will come down to the ground. Even though there are systems that stop the electric current when wires break, there are still cases when these systems do not work properly. The areas affected by hurricanes are more prone to these types of accidents and children are some the most common victims, who get to touch the power lines by accident.

If you, a family member of someone you know was involved high power electrical accident in Annapolis, you can contact your electric shock attorney from Maryland to determine who is liable for the accident and has to pay compensation.

For more information about these types of cases, you can contact the best electric injury lawyer in Annapolis at (888) 300-0585 or send an email at [email protected].

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