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April 23rd, 2018
April 23rd, 2018

Being the victim of an electrocution accident is unfortunate, but you should know that an electrical injury can be permanent and can permanently affect the rest of your life. The Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) revealed that most electrical injuries occur during work hours. This page was created by Chris Beard, one of the best electric shock attorneys, with the sole purpose of helping Massachusetts injury lawyers learn how they should deal with electrical injury cases.

It is also very important to mention that Massachusetts follows the comparative negligence law and no recovery will be received if the plaintiff’s negligence is greater than the defendant’s negligence. This also means that the compensation awarded will be diminished in proportion with the level of fault. And talking about the compensation received, there is a ceiling on non-economic damages that apples in this state, unless modified by the Court.

  • $500,000 cap for the non-economic damages, including loss of companionship, embarrassment, pain and suffering, per occurrence.

And in relation to compensation, here is what you can do to maximize your client’s chances.

  1. Taking photos of the accident scene

It is crucial to have visual evidence because it may help determine who is at fault for the accident. Ask your client to photograph the accident scene, indifferent if they suffered a workplace (occupational) electrical injury or not. If the electrocution injury was caused by a kitchen appliance, car battery, faulty phone charger, or has happened because of a missing hazard sign, they still need to take photos of the accident scene.

  1. The faulty tool/device needs to be preserved

It does not matter where the accident occurred, but it is very important that the electrical tool or device that caused the accident is preserved immediately. If the victim suffered an electrocution in the construction industry, you should contact your client’s employer and ask them to take care of the tool that caused the electrocution.

  1. Discuss with the relatives

If the accident occurred in your client’s home, it may be an advantage because one of their relatives might have seen something relevant to the case. Ask the victim’s relatives if they remember something that might turn the case in your favor.

  1. Get copies of the medical records (or autopsy reports)

Electricity is dangerous and can cause multiple types of injuries depending on the victim’s height, gender, skin moisture, the path the current takes through the body, and many more. The effects of an electrical injury can reveal themselves after days or even weeks. That is why you should ask your client to get checked by a doctor. The most common electrocution injuries in Massachusetts include scars, brain damage, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, internal bleeding, arrhythmia, electrical injury chronic pain, and many more. Suffering an electrical injury during pregnancy can put the life of the fetus in danger and it can cause premature labor.

  1. Get accustomed to the electrical building code

Massachusetts electrical injury lawsuits can become very difficult if you don’t know the building code. Look up the building code of the city in which the accident occurred and develop a winning strategy to ensure the victim will receive electrocution compensation. Be very careful, because there may be a different code in every city In Massachusetts, including in Boston, Springfield, Cambridge, Worcester, Salem and others.

  1. Clients should be prepped on what they can say

Many electrocution lawyers don’t take the time to teach their clients what they should and should not say. This may put your case in jeopardy and lower the chances of the victim getting compensated. Prepare them before the official statements.

  1. Find the right witnesses

If you want to find the right witnesses you should depose them as soon as possible before they “vanish”. Many electrical injury attorneys from Massachusetts think they have enough time to find the perfect witness, but this is most of the time untrue.

  1. Get in touch with the best electrical experts

As a Massachusetts electrocution attorney you need to have the best experts by your side, including an electrical engineer, economist, construction safety experts, and many more

  1. Establish the chain of distribution

It is your responsibility to determine the chain of distribution and find out who is responsible for your client’s injuries. One or more entities may be liable depending on what caused the electric shock. If the electrical injury was caused by a defective product, it is the lawyer’s job to establish the chain of distributor, including the designer, manufacturer, supplier, distributor, retailer, etc.

  1. Ask the best electric shock lawyer, Chris Beard

Most personal injury attorneys in Massachusetts believe that electric shock injury cases can be managed like any others, but without being accustomed with the procedures of this type of cases, chances are that you may lose the case. Chris Beard already knows how to deal with electrocution cases and has built a wide network of the best electrical injury experts which he can put at your disposal.

Chris is licensed to practice law in Maryland.   In other states where he is not admitted, he can apply with the local court to appear for clients in each case and work with local counsel if the matter has to be litigated. Whenever an issue comes up in the claims stage he will also consult if invited by local counsel to do so.

Click here to learn how you can team up with Chris, the best electric shock lawyer. You can also contact him by calling (888) 300-0585 or send an email directly at

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