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What to Do in Case of an Electric Shock in Annapolis?

An electric shock in Annapolis can be very dangerous and, sometimes, even fatal. The person getting electrocuted is not the only one in danger. In fact, when somebody suffers an electrical injury, the people offering first aid for electric shock are also in danger. Because we want you to be safe, we have prepared an article to let you know what to do in case of an electric shock. Read further to discover. Also, if you or a loved one have suffered an electrical injury, you should get in touch with an electrocution lawyer in Maryland and see if you can recover compensation.

What to do if you witness somebody getting electrocuted

When somebody suffers an electric shock, there are two possible situations: either the victim is still in contact with the source of electricity or they aren’t. In the first scenario, your priority is to find the source and turn it off. Do not touch the victim as electricity can pass through your body as well and you could too suffer an electrical injury. After you turn off the electrical current, you should call 911 and tend to the victim until the ambulance arrives. If the victim is not in contact with the source anymore, you should immediately call 911 and then offer first aid for electric shock until the ambulance gets there.

How to offer first aid for an electric shock

As your electric shock attorney in Annapolis will tell you, it is very important to make sure that the victim isn’t connected to the power source before attempting to offer assistance. When you are certain this is the case, you can go ahead and see how you can help the victim.

If the victim is unconscious or has stopped breathing, you need to perform CPR until the ambulance arrives. As your electrocution lawyer in Maryland will tell you, CPR can be crucial in these cases. If you notice visible burns on the electric shock victim, you should cover them with a clean, dry cloth. Do not touch the burns if you want to limit the risk of infection. An electrical injury can also cause the appearance of black dots on the victim’s skin. These dots can indicate the fact that the electric shock victim has severe internal burns and they need an ambulance immediately.

Even if the victim seems uninjured, you should take them to the hospital right away. Some electrical injuries take time to act and anybody who suffered an electric shock in Annapolis needs medical assistance right away.

Electric shock attorney in Annapolis

Offering first aid for electric shock can save somebody’s life. After they are out of danger, it’s time to think about the situation that caused the electrical injury. You need to get in touch with an electrocution lawyer in Maryland to see if you or your loved ones can recover compensation for their injuries. Contact the best electric shock attorney in Annapolis at (888) 300-0585 or by email at

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