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Getting an electrical injury is unfortunate and can permanently affect your client’s life. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), most electrical injuries happen at work, especially in the construction industry. This page was created by Chris Beard, the best electrical accident injury lawyer, with the purpose of helping Rhode Island injury attorneys to learn how to deal with electrocution accident cases.

It is also important to mention that in Rhode Island there is the pure comparative negligence law, which means that your client will still receive compensation if they were partially to blame for their accident, but it will be diminished according to the blame. Except for cases when governamental entities are involved, there are no cap on non-economic damages in Rhode Island, unless modified by the Court.  If the defendand is a governmental enity, the cap is set to $100,000, except when engaged in proprietary function.

  1. Photos of the accident scene are crucial

Establishing a winning strategy can be determined with the help of visual evidence which your client may provide. Your client’s injury may be an occupational (workplace) electrical injury such as in the construction industry or it may be an electrocution from the car battery, phone charger, the result of a missing hazard sign. Ask your client to take photos as soon as possible after the accident, while the evidence is still “fresh”.

  1. The tool/ device that caused the accident should be preserved

If your client’s injury occurred at work, you should contact their employer and ask them to keep the defective tool/ device in the same condition as the one after the accident. If the injury occurred at home, you should ask your client to take good care of evidence and bring it to you for expert analysis.

  1. Discuss with the relatives

Getting injured at home happens less frequent, but it can offer you valuable witnesses. You should discuss with your client’s relatives immediately after the accident while crucial information is not forgotten.

  1. Medical records and autopsy reports

Electricity can cause different types of injuries, some temporary and some permanent. Common electrocution injuries in Rhode Island include brain damage, scars, nerve damage, arrhythmia, electrical injury chronic pain, and many more. If you suffer an electrical injury during pregnancy can have different effects, including premature labor or the death of the fetus. As an electrocution lawyer you can use the medical records and the autopsy report to establish the value of the electrical injury claim and settle the case with the insurance company.

  1. Get accustomed with the local municipal building code

Rhode Island electrical injury lawsuits can be more difficult than they seem and if you don’t deal with the case in a certain way, you will only make your life a lot harder. Study the local municipal building code and determine the best strategy to ensure the victim will get electrocution compensation in Rhode Island. You can establish the standards of care in your case based on this code, but you need to remeber that each city may have its own code. It is important where the accident took place, be it Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket or other city in Rhode Island.

  1. Clients can hurt their case

Many electrical injury victims don’t know that whatever it is said as official statement or recorded statement will be permanently attached to the case and not many attorneys bother telling them. You should prepare your client and teach them what and how to communicate the information they have.

  1. Depose the witnesses

Discussing with the witnesses needs to be done as soon as possible or you might have to chase after them. Many witnesses just “vanish” after the accident and the sooner you depose them, the sooner you can file your client’s claim.

  1. You need the best electrical experts

As a Rhode Island electrocution attorney, you must be able to get in touch with the best electrical injury experts, including electrical engineers, construction safety experts, economists and many more depending on the case.

  1. The chain of defendants

It is your job to determine who is responsible for your client’s electrical injuries. In most cases, the person/entity responsible can be found in the chain of distribution and can be the manufacturer, designer, retailer, distributor, and many more.

  1. Get in touch with the best electrical injury lawyer, Chris Beard

Many personal injury lawyers think that electrocution cases are not that difficult. This is true. Electrocution cases are not difficult if you know how to approach this type of cases. There are a lot of variables that can affect the result of an electrical injury case. Chris Beard knows all the factors that can influence electrocution cases as he is specialized in this type of cases. Chris also has a trustworthy network of the best electrical injury experts which he can put at your disposal.

As a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer, you are the perfect person to deal with this case, as you already know the rules and procedures in this north-eastern state. Chris Beard is one of the best electrocution attorneys, has an unrivaled track record and can counsel you to establish a winning strategy.

Chris is licensed to practice law in Maryland.   In other states where he is not admitted, he can apply with the local court to appear for a client and work with local counsel if the matter has to be litigated.  He will also consult with local counsel whenever an issue comes up in the claims stage.

Click here to discover how you can work with Chris. You can get in touch with him at (888) 300-0585 or at [email protected].

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