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How to Prevent a Child Electric Shock Injury in Maryland

Unfortunately, children are susceptible to accidents. A child electric shock injury in Maryland is one of the most common types of accident as kids are not aware of the dangers posed by electricity. However, adults should be aware and if your child got injured at school, for example, because of an exposed wire, you may be eligible to receive electric shock compensation in Maryland. But, as electric current can be very dangerous to children and adults as well, it is best to prevent these injuries. Read further to find out how to prevent a child electric shock injury and how to get in touch with the best electrocution lawyer in Annapolis in case you or a loved one have suffered an electric shock injury.

How much electric current can the human body sustain?

Generally, current below 1 mA is not perceptible. Under 5mA you might feel a slight tingle and at 5 mA we can talk about a minor shock. However, keep in mind that children cannot tolerate any electric current about 5 mA and this number is much lower than what is generated by the electrical switch. At 25mA, the current is dangerous for everybody as it provokes a painful shock. Anything over 50 mA can result in death.

An overview of the child electric shock injury in Maryland

20% of all electric shock accidents involve children. Those who are under 12 years often get electrocuted because of extension cords and appliances’ electrical cords. Wall outlets also account for 15% of such injuries. Many infants get electrocuted because of putting metal objects in their mouths. A child electric shock injury in Maryland can manifest through severe burns, shortness of breath, abdominal and chest pain.

Preventing child electric shock injuries

Firstly, make sure that all damaged appliances, cords and plugs in your house are replaced the moment they break down. Regarding portable electrical objects, such as radios and hair dryers, you should teach your child not to use them in the bathroom. If these appliances fall into the water, it may result in a severe electrocution accident.

If you have an infant, make sure that you cover all exposed electrical outlets. There are special childproof covers that you can use for that. Furthermore, as soon as they are able to understand, talk to your children about the dangers of electrical current. Don’t assume that a teenager, for example, is aware of all the risks. Make sure to tell them not to climb on power towers or play near transformers.

Electric shock attorney in MD

Unfortunately, even if you take all the precautionary measures, children can still get hurt by electric current. Whether they are playing in the park, on school ground or any other place, there can be exposed wires and hazards that the owners failed to address. In this situation, you will need the help of an electrocution lawyer in Annapolis to prove the negligence of the owner and receive the electrocution compensation your child deserves. Contact the best electric shock attorney in MD at (888) 300 – 0585 or by email at

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