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Resources – Links for Electrical Injury Research

Helpful Links for Electrical Accidents:

1.  National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards

2.  Electrical Safety Foundation International

3.  Manufacturers Association

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA),

4.  Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

5.  Product Safety

US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

6.  Testing

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories,

7.  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

8.  Survivors Assistance

Survivors | Lightning Strike & Electrical Shock Survivors Internationational

9.  Lightning

10. Work Hazards

Controlling Electrical Hazards – OSHA

Sites of Electrocution Accidents:

1.     Typical electrical problems:

  • Wiring surrounded by building insulation of any type.
  • Fuses in the fuse box that are larger than 15 or 20 amps.
  • Exposed splices (not in an electrical box.
  • Cracked, missing, or damaged wire insulation.

2.     Construction site accidents.
3.     Digging.
4.     Electrical panels.
5.     Places that show that ‘water and electricity do not mix’.
6.     Private residence accidents.
7.     High power line accidents.
8.     Short circuits and dead shorts.
9.     Commercial settings, tools and appliances.

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