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March 20th, 2018
Each year many people suffer dramatic consequences because of electrical injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) more than 350 people lose their lives in fatal electrocution accidents and more people will suffer an electric injury in Washington DC. This page is dedicated to help DC personal injury lawyers discover the best ways of dealing with this type of situations. In this article, you will find out how an electrocution injury case should be approached from the best electric shock attorney, Chris Beard. And before getting into the strategy, it is important to mention that in Washington, DC, there is the contributory negligence law, which means that your client may not receive any compensation if it proves that they were partially at fault for their accident. When it comes to caps, there is no limit to non-economic damages in Washingtong, DC, unless modified by the Court. Get that crucial evidence – photographs of the scene Whether your case involves an electrocution in construction, from a car battery, from a phone charger or it is an occupational electrical injury in Washington DC, one of the most crucial pieces of evidence which can turn the tides in your favor could be photos of the accident scene. It is recommended to get these photos as soon as possible after the electrocution accident. There are also cases where the municipality fails to install electrocution hazard signs in areas where electricity wires are exposed and their negligence could put in danger the life and health of Washington DC locals. Preserve the electrical equipment involved in the accident Electrocution construction accidents are one of the most common electrical injury cases. In this case, you should ensure that your client’s employer keeps the equipment that caused the workplace electrical injury in Washington DC. Talk to the family or work colleagues as soon as possible You should talk to your client’s family if the accident happened at home or with their work colleagues if it occurred during working hours. Time is of the essence in electrical injury cases and the more time passes the less information regarding the incident they will remember. Get the autopsy report and file a subpoena if you have to Electrocution is really dangerous and it can cause nerve and brain damage. The side-effects of an electrical injury in Washington DC can vary from chronic pain to electrocution scars, to arrhythmia and even death. In addition to this, suffering an electrical injury during pregnancy may put in danger the life of the unborn child. If a person loses their life due to an electric shock, you will need the medical documents that prove the wrongful death. This document is the autopsy report. Analyze the case and the electrical building code in Washington DC Electrical injury lawsuits in Washington can become complicated if you don’t proceed with the case in the right way. For an electrocution victim to get compensation in DC for the accident, you will have to look up the electrical code and build a strategy according to the standards of care that apply to the victim’s case. Make sure that the victim is aware how important official or recorded statements are As a Washington electrocution lawyer, you have to make sure that your client will not end up saying something which may hurt the case and decrease their chances of getting compensated. Depose the witnesses ASAP If you do not act fast, you could end up chasing after them. As you may know, the witnesses tend to vanish in personal injury cases. Get the right electrical injury experts In an electrical injury lawsuit in Washington DC, you will most likely need a series of experts to help you with the case, including a civil and electrical engineer, a forensic pathologist, and a construction safety expert (for workplace electrical accidents). You could also need an economist and psychiatrist to justify the compensation value asked by your client. Do a proper research before deciding on the experts. Examine the chain of defendants Some electrocution cases in DC have only one defendant, but most of the time more entities may be responsible for your client’s injuries, including the municipality, a retail agent, the victim’s employer, the manufacturer and may others. It is up to you to identify which parties can be brought to court in an electrical injury lawsuit. Call electric shock lawyer Chris Beard Electrical injury cases in Washington DC may prove to be difficult, especially if you didn’t have to deal with this type of case before. Chris Beard is an electrocution attorney specialized in dealing with electric injury cases and has won countless cases for his clients with the help of his trustworthy nationwide electrical experts. As a Washington DC personal injury lawyer you know the local procedures and rules better then anyone. As a renowned electrical injury lawyer with a great success rate and a lot of experience, Chris Beard understands the complexity of electric injury cases better than anyone and could also help find counsel and the best local experts in your area. You can join forces with him and increase your client’s chances of winning the case. Chris is licensed to practice law in Maryland. In other states where he is not admitted, he can apply with the local court to appear for a client and work with local counsel if the matter has to be litigated. He will also consult with local counsel whenever an issue comes up in the claims stage. Click here to find out more how you can collaborate with Chris or get in touch with him at or at (888) 300-0585.
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