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Legal Remedies in Case of an Electric Shock Accident in Annapolis

If you or a loved one have suffered an electric shock accident in Annapolis, then you need to get in touch with an electrocution lawyer. Many of the times, there are legal remedies that allow you to recover compensation. If you are looking for electric shock legal advice, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss your legal remedies and help you understand better if you have a case. Read further to find out if you are entitled to electric shock compensation in Maryland.

Electric shock accident in Annapolis as a result of negligence

An electric shock case is based on the evidence of negligence. This means that you got electrocuted because somebody was negligent. As your electrocution lawyer in Annapolis will tell you, if the case reaches the court, you will need to prove the other party’s negligence. Of course, there is also the situation when you settle the case and receive compensation without having to go through a trial. But, in case it comes to that, know that there are four conditions in proving somebody’s negligence.  To help you understand better, we are going to talk about a hypothetical situation.

Let’s say that you got an electrical injury because of a defective toaster. In this situation, your electric shock attorney in Maryland will advise you to sue the manufacturer, the distributor or both of them. In order to receive electric shock compensation, you will need to prove that the other party had a duty of reasonable care towards you, the breached that duty, as a result of that you got injured and your injury caused damages to you and your loved ones.

In other words, your electrocution lawyer will have to prove that the manufacturer of the toaster had the duty to provide you with a safe machine that came with the appropriate warnings. That duty is implied when you buy the toaster and, if your injury is the result of a manufacturing defect, then it means that the manufacturer breached their duty. This also applies to the situation when you got electrocuted because you used a metal fork, for example, to take out the bread from the toaster, if the machine didn’t come with the appropriate warnings. Next, your lawyer will prove that the manufacturer breached their duty and, as a result, you got injured. Last, but not least, they will prove the damages that your injury caused: medical bills, suffering and pain, time missed from work, etc.

Other situations when you can sue somebody to recover electric shock compensation is when you got electrocuted on somebody’s property (premises liability), suffered an electrical injury because of negligent training or supervision (at work, for example) or suffered an electric shock injury as you were caring out some actions under the direction of somebody else (vicarious liability).

Electric shock attorney in Maryland

If you or a loved one suffered an electrical injury on either of the situations mentioned in this article, then you should get in touch with an electrocution lawyer in Annapolis to find out if you have a case. Contact the best electric shock attorney in Maryland at (888) 300-0585 or by email at

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