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Top Ten Lawyer’s Tips for Undertaking an Electrical Accident or Electrocution Case

1. Capture the evidence before it disappears. This means photography of the scene.
2. Preserve the electrical equipment that was involved in the accident.
3. Interview the family right away.  They likely have spoken to first responders and others regarding causation.
4. Obtain the autopsy. If you need a subpoena, file the appropriate action.
5. Discover all conceivable standards of care that apply to the situation.
6. Caution the clients about giving recorded or other statements.
7. Depose the witnesses — they will disappear.
8. Hire good experts. Each has particular strengths depending on the type of case. Beware that they all say they are qualified.
9. Discover all potential defendants. Some remain unknown without persistence.
10. Call Chris Beard to avoid the many pitfalls in these cases.  He is available to appear in court.  You can find more information at Pro Hac Vice Admission.

An attorney in the area knows the local rules and process. And, Chris knows the various aspects of the cases to work with any local attorney.  Chris can work together.

Two heads are better than one. Let’s join forces.

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