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Shock & Lightning Prevention in Maryland

A lightning storm can be scary, but, most of the times, it comes and passes. However, if you are outside or are in a place without lightning prevention in Maryland, things can be really dangerous. As your electric shock attorney will tell you, lightning can cause severe electric shock injuries which are, most of the time, fatal. To avoid getting injured during a storm, read further to find out how to protect your home and what to do during a lightning storm.

Lightning prevention & protection systems

A lightning protection system, that every building must have, is composed of three elements.  The first element is the rod that acts as a terminal for the lightning discharge. The rod is connected to conductor cables that carry the current to the ground. Last, but not least, there are the ground rods that are heavily buried deep into the earth around a structure. The ground rods complete a safe path for the lightning discharge.

The purpose of a lightning prevention & protection system in Maryland is to offer fire & structural damage protection in case the lightning strikes a building. However, contrary to popular belief, the system doesn’t attract lightning and most of them don’t offer protection for sensitive electronics.

What to do during a lightning storm

To protect yourself from an electric shock injury during a lightning storm, there are a couple of things that you can do. Firstly, as your electric shock attorney in Maryland will tell you, you need to count the seconds between the moment when you see the lightning and the moment when you hear the thunderstorm. If there are less than 30 seconds, it means that the storm is close to you and it can be dangerous. Seek shelter immediately.

If you notice a downed power line, you need to call 911 immediately. An electric shock injury attorney in Annapolis knows that one of the most common causes of electric accidents are downed power lines. It may surprise you to find out, but landline phones can be quite dangerous during a lightning storm. According to recent statistics, phone use is one of the main causes of indoor lightning injuries in the US.

Avoid any contact with electrical equipment and cords during a lightning storm. You should also avoid contact with water until the storm passes. Last, but not least, bring any pets inside before the storm starts to protect them.

Electric shock injury attorney in Maryland

In the situation when you or a loved one gets suffers an electric shock injury, then you may be entitled to compensation. Even when we are talking about lightning, there are situations when somebody was negligent. For example, not having a proper lightning protection system can be a contractor’s fault. The best way to see if you are able to recover compensation for your electric shock injury is to contact an electrocution lawyer in Annapolis and have your case assessed. Get in touch with the best electric shock injury lawyer in Maryland at (888) 300-0585 or by email at

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