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What to Do in Case of a Power Line Fallen on Your Car?

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April 7th, 2019
April 7th, 2019

A bad storm can cause power line to fall down. But what if one of them is a power line fallen on your car in Maryland? What if you are inside that car? This is a scary situation, but it can happen. And in case it does, you need to be prepared because knowledge makes all the difference in this situation. To avoid suffering an electric shock injury in Annapolis, you need to know how to react in this situation. Read further to discover the best advice from your MD electric shock attorney.

Power Line Fallen on the Car in Maryland

You are driving to get home and there is a bad storm happening. The roads are slippery and next thing you know you have crashed into a fence. The problem is that there is a power line fallen on your car. This is the first scenario and, as strange as it may sound, it is not the worst one. While you are inside the car, you won’t suffer an electric shock injury in Annapolis. Whatever you do, just don’t get out of the car. Call emergency services instead and wait for them to arrive to the scene and instruct you on how to safely get out of the car. While you are waiting for them to arrive, keep alert for any passers-by. Honk or shout at them so that they know they shouldn’t approach the car.

If this was the “good” scenario, what is the bad one? Your car catches fire from the downed power line. In this situation, waiting patiently inside the car is not an option. Instead, to avoid an electric shock injury in Annapolis, you should carefully open the door of the car, but do not step outside. You should try to jump with both feet together and avoid contact with the metal of the car or the ground underneath it. Once you are out of the car, don’t run, but hop. Keep your feet together and hop as far from the car as you can because electricity can spread out through the ground.

After you’ve reached safety, you can take some pictures of the scene. They will prove very valuable to your MD electric shock attorney as a power line fallen on your car in Maryland may be someone’s fault. If the utility company failed to properly maintain that power line, you may have a case against them. It all depends on the situation, so getting in touch with an electric shock attorney in Annapolis will clear your doubts.

The best electric shock lawyer in Annapolis

Sometimes, in the case of a fallen power line on your car in Maryland, there is nobody to blame. Other times, there is. What you need to do is get in touch with an MD electric shock attorney and have them assess your case so that you know where you stand. Contact the best electric shock lawyer in Annapolis at (888) 300-0585 or by email at and receive a free consultation.

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